Laima Ceramics is a collection of tableware rooted in fusion of art, craftsmanship and design. Notions of stewardship, sustainability, and social empowerment form the underlying ethos behind Laimas practice.

“I want to restore the balance of unique items against the mass produced that surrounds us. I believe that by cultivating attitude of care towards objects will reflect in our relationships and, on a larger scale, our worldview. My aim is to make tableware that brings a little quiet beauty into the everyday life.”

Concerned with ‘pleasure in use’ and the tactile qualities of ceramics her works sit comfortably in the hand and are delight to touch. The latest collections are featuring such special-effect glazes like satin gold, lava and various microcrystalline glazes. Her more traditional reduction wood-fired earthenware collection is slipped white inside and uses sgraffito technique for intricate decoration.