Raku vase : TALL&PROUD

Raku vase : TALL&PROUD


Height approx : 16cm

This unique vase was fired using Naked Raku technique. This is a sort of Western take on the ancient Japanese firing technique that creates completely unique charred black on white ceramic surface decoration.

Before gas firing the pieces a special slip and then thin glaze were applied to the piece on the outside surface. After firing the piece to about 800 C and smoking it in a canister, the glaze and the slip were scraped off the pot exposing the beautiful black lines created by smoke that penetrates through the crackled glaze. So the piece is left “naked” after the process as the glaze is removed to reveal the coloured stoneware surface underneath.

Please note: Raku ceramics by their creative process and their very nature serve only for decorative purposes. Not intended for holding water- only dry flower arrangements.

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