Tree pattern sgraffito jug

Tree pattern sgraffito jug


Large water pitcher with pine needle pattern.

Handmade on the pottery wheel, polished, hand engraved and wood-fired for 12 hours in a traditional pit kiln. Made from my local Latvian red earthenware, reduction fired at 1100 C, which gives the item unique black, slightly metallic colour and extra strenght. Bees-waxed after firing to give extra shine and waterproof it.

Inside is glazed with clear lead-free glaze. Food safe, unique and made to last.

Approximate dimensions:

W: 900 g

D: 14cm

H: 19 cm

Capacity: 1600 ml

Each one is very unique, please contact me before making a purchase if you would like to receive images of the exact one in stock at the moment. The colour varies between metallic black, black and brown. If very lucky some have flame patterns from the woodfiring :) This is nature of the wood firing process.

Please wash the jug with warm, soapy water before use. Handwash recommended to extend the life of this lovely jug.

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