Currently applications are open for 2020. To apply send your CV and Portfolio to

We want to share the excellent facilities of this studio with others, so we are offering this space for artist residencies. Our mission is to provide residents the time and space needed to work on a specific project, develop research, or experiment in the studio.


Located in the rural Zemgale countryside, closest town Bauska is 25km, the vibrant capital Riga convenient 70km away, surrounded by vast farming fields and enchanted apple orchard. Residents will enjoy spacious studio and private living quarters, with a shared kitchen and dining area. With no pressure to produce, as we promise no exhibition for residents, artists are free to fully immerse into their practice.


2 electrical kilns (1280 C)

gas kiln (1300 C)

raku kiln

wood fired kiln for reduction fired earthenware (1100 C)

wood fire kiln for large scale fire-sculptures (1280 C)

3 pottery wheels

glazing chamber


pug mill (designated for porcelain or stoneware)


The residency provides studio and private living space for up to one artist at a time. The private living quarters with wifi and a shared bathroom are located in the 140 year old house on the property.

Paid by artist

At the moment “Laima Ceramics” is a private institution, therefore all costs must be covered by the artists. Artists are responsible for all material, firing costs and food expenses.

monthly fee 600€

Included in price:
– accommodation
– studio space 24/7
– access to all facilities

Firing costs:

200 liter kiln up to 1280° C (2336 F) - 55€

All participating artists are expected to help out with all aspects of the ceramic process, including kiln stacking, firing, glaze mixing, and general tidying and organisation of the studio.