Currently applications are open for January 2020. To apply send your CV, Portfolio and Motivation Letter to


We want to share the excellent facilities of this studio with others, so we are offering this space for apprenticeships.



At the moment we offer short-term apprenticeships at the studio (3-6 months). This is an unpaid position and in exchange for labor, we offer facilities, guidance and materials. This opportunity is most suited for beginner potters in their initial years of training wanting to develop their skills further in a quite and rural space, yet fully equipped working studio.

Apprentices are introduced to and educated in the making processes of our slab rolled tableware range and the main duties are in making those pieces from start to finish. Tasks, chores and projects you might do in any given week include : wedging clay, preparing materials, sponging pottery, polishing pottery, mixing glazes, general tidy-up of the studio etc. Apprentices learn to function within a working studio pottery. We look for apprentices who are hard working, thoughtful, open to learning and respectful.

The working hours are Monday-Friday from 9 to 15, the remaining time you may spend for developing your own body of work, the studio is open 24/7. There is reasonable amount of materials included.

In exchange of approximately 25hours per week of labor, we offer in-house accommodation (next to the studio), shared vegan meals (taking turns for cooking), facilities, materials and guidance. Most importantly, apprentices have access to Laimas years of ceramics, design, firing experience, and working knowledge as a professional self-supporting studio potter.

The ideal applicant has a keen desire to learn about and engage in the life and business of studio pottery. You do not need to have years of experience or a formal academic education, but must be committed to the work required to become a professional. Keen interest and passion for pottery is crucial. Pottery requires patience and precision, it is the most scientific of all art forms.

Your development as a potter and engagement in studio life is paramount to your experience. During developing your own work much of the mentoring and guidance (ongoing conversations, demonstrations, glaze development, clay testing, various firing methods, and professional development) takes place.

photos Elza Elmane 2019





ESTONIA 2018/2019 december - february

“I had this amazing opportunity to stay with Laima for 3 months in the wintertime. On the very first day, I got to see how friendly and open Latvians are with foreigners. I arrived on Sunday and straight away Laima hosted me with herbal tea and introduced me to her friends and the day ended in the sauna. Every Sunday is a sauna day! :)

Laima was very easy to communicate with. Every workday we went to the studio and she gave me some duties to do. At the same time, she was working on her own things next to me, so I had a chance to learn from her all the time. Laima was very trusting in me and let me work on the tasks however much time I needed. She gave me a lot of freedom to do my own ceramics also.

Laima has so much knowledge of ceramics and different techniques. But still, every day she had a lot of passion to learn more and more new ways how to express herself through ceramics. That was impressive and made me push myself even more, to continue my journey on this ceramic field.”



ITALY 2019 april - june

“I'm very glad this opportunity came through. I started working with ceramic two years before going to Laima's, and I was already in love with it...but once there it was better than I could ever imagine: a fantastic studio equipped with all the things a ceramist can dream of and plenty of different clays, from local one to stoneware and also English porcelain!

And last but not least, Laima with her experience and her discreet presence was always creating a relaxing environment.

I gained a lot of experience and self-confidence in the making process: accomplishing every working day different tasks that Laima was giving to me and developing my skills working with new materials and trying new shapes.

I felt I always had the freedom to choose what to explore and how to develop my ideas. And whenever doubts came over, Laima was there with helpful comments.

The place is immerse in the countryside, I sometimes engaged myself with Laima's horses, with her dog Džera and with her garden too...or sometimes just listening to whistling birds or powerful tractors and relaxing your eyes contemplating nature.”



LATVIA / UK 2019 june - july

"My internship was two beautiful months of learning, exploring and witnessing artistry and craftsmanship.

Starting with zero experience in ceramics, I feel I grew to have a solid foundation and understanding of it. Laima gave a relaxed and supportive environment to freely explore my own ideas and style while I also really enjoyed being involved in the process of helping her with the studio tasks and learning the different techniques and stages of the making process through the practice and observation.

Laima’s place is surrounded by countryside with calm and peaceful environment. so when in need of a break from the studio, there’s a lush garden to inspire from or the presence of Laima’s beautiful horses. I am ever so grateful for this experience and opportunity!”



USA / SWEDEN 2019 july - september